Indonesian Student Association For International Studies – ISAFIS Open Recruitment

13 - 28 Feb 2022
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Pendaftaran ditutup.

Deskripsi Kegiatan

Are you an undergraduate student? Interest in international issues? Joining ISAFIS as a new member may be the right choice for you!  Participate in ISAFIS Open Recruitment now!

ISAFIS is an Indonesian youth-led organization for youth to connect and exchange ideas, embrace upon international issues, and create mutual understanding among nations.

We are now open for new members of ISAFIS 2022 from 31 January to 13 February 2022✨

ISAFIS Recruitment Qualifications:

  1. Undergraduate students batch 2019, 2020, 2021 from all universities in Indonesia, OPEN FOR ANY MAJORS.
  2. Have a deep interest in international studies.
  3. Sufficient knowledge in English.
  4. Full of dedication; commitment, and eagerness to learn new things.



  1. Fill out the application form.
  2. Write an essay in 300-500 words, Times New Roman 12pt, Space 1.5
  3. Submit your CV (Attached on ISAFIS General Form)
  4. After registering, the applicants should upload Instagram Story to and mention @isafis_official
  5. For any further inquiry, please e-mail us at or you can send us messages on Instagram Direct Message @isafis_official

The topics that you can choose for your essay submissions are:

  1. Chinese social credit system
  2. UNESCO decision to put Songket as part of Malaysian heritage
  3. Chinese-Taiwan tension and their future impact on regional stability
  4. Joe Biden’s attempts at salvaging the reputation of USA internationally post-Donald Trump
  5. The Turkish economic crisis and Lira depreciation under Erdogan This essay is aimed to showcase your knowledge and proficiency on various international issues.

The essay should contain a backgrounder to the issue as well as your opinion and/ or reflection. Although it is not obligatory, you can also put relevant theories or concepts to support your essay.


Further in Harmony

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